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Pimcore is the only open source product information management platform that includes an MDM, DAM, DXP/CMS, CDP and ecommerce with a PIM

This highly configurable component driven platform has all the bulit-in features that are needed to simplify any level of data complexity.

We have put together a handy list of Pimcore's products and features. This is one of our favourite subjects so If you have any questions dont hesitate to ask us!

Product Information Management (PIM)

Data Modeling:

  •    Data Inheritance

Product data modelling remains flexible with Pimcore. Data can be inherited to subordinate groups in the tree reducing editorial actions.     

  • Object Relations

The ability to include all product data attributes and relations is where Excel gets left behind. This together with real-time updates enables a truly scalable data model.

  • Multi-Lingual Data Management

Pimcore’s interface comes with 20 languages but can work with any language. Their translation interface can work with product data within any geographic market.

  • Classification Standards

Structuring product data can be done with the Pimcore classification store which can work with any type of classification system.

Data Management:

  • Data Editing

The data editing interface is where Pimcore’s UX comes into its own. A consistent agile data model is used to edit all aspects of each record.

  • Batch Editing

A tabular user interface is used for batch editing records by filtering for records based on a query builder.

  • User and Rights Management

Pimcore has advanced use rights out-the-box and can be configured down to field level with customisable layouts.

Data Integration & Delivery:

  • Connect Anything

By using PHP API or the REST Webservice API Pimcore’s architecture can connect to enterprise systems such as ERP, BI and CRM and third-party applications.

  • Pimcore Data Hub

A free extension to transform and prepare data for input and output channels using a GraphQL API to import and export manually or automatically.

  •  CSV and XLSX Spreadsheets

Built-in functionality that natively imports and exports CSV and XLSX data while mapping data for imports and defining data fields for exports.

Data Quality / Semantics:

  • Data Quality & Completeness

Data validation and reports monitor the quality of data with the functionality to improve and validate the completeness of product data.

  • Data Validation

Defined rules can be applied to all data fields within Pimcore. While defined rules underpin data validation Pimcore provides a number of predefined data types and selection lists.

  •  Auditing & Versioning

Rich auditing and versioning tools come as standard with Pimcore. Changes create audit trails while keeping the older version to compare performance.

  • Custom reports

Pimcore’s reporting engine creates reports that highlight data quality and completeness. With filtering and export functionality custom reports are directly linked with the PIM platform.

  • Dashboards

Configurable with the ability to be extended with portlets Pimcore’s dashboards can be focused on user-specific mission-critical workflows.

Workflow Management:

  • Workflow engine

Defining business processes and product data workflows can be made as simple or complex as needed by Pimcore’s workflow engine that includes states, notifications and audit trails.

  •  Custom frontends

The Pimcore PIM platform is completely configurable. This includes management and admin interfaces. Integrated modules can further customise the frontend.

 Master Data Management (MDM)
  • Data Quality/Semantic

Defining data quality standards to create a golden record is done through Pimcore’s master data management software which allows the formatting of diverse data sets.  

  •  Hierarchy Management

Business roles needed to sustain master data management are designated with data stewardship. Complex hierarchies can be modelled to classify data.

  • Rich Content Integration

Predefined layouts for rich content can be regulated for brand consistency with Pimcore’s MDM using associated structured data.

  • Audit Trail

A historical view of master data is essential for data governance. The MDM keeps all versions for easier stewardship and control.

  • Superior Connectivity

Business enterprise systems and third-party applications can connect with Pimcore’s master data offering unparalleled connectivity.

  • Workflow Management

Pimcore’s advanced workflow engine ensures swift quality control and gives internal and external stakeholders a head start with understanding processes.

Digital Asset Management (DAM)
  • Asset Organization & Management

Pimcore’s DAM offers a seamless UX with features like multi-tab interfaces and contextual navigation to enrich digital assets.

  • Metadata Management

Searchable digital assets are made possible with a highly configurable meta-data management model.

  • Media Transformation

Different resolutions, bit rates, colour profiles and responsive rates can be automatically converted for all output channels.

  • Preview Anything

With over 220 file formats, previewing digital assets including video, Office documents, PDFs is easy with a Pimcore DAM.

  • Image Editing

Web-based image editing is based on miniPaint for simple task like cropping and colour changes. A WebDAV interface is used for integrating other image processing capabilities.

Customer Data Platform (CDP)
  • Customer Data Integration

Features including mapping data for imports and definition of data fields for exports. The CDP synchronises data for marketing automation.

  •  Profile Unification

Combining devices and records of a single customer. Duplicate matches are effectively brought together in a single view.

  • Customer Data Modelling

Pimcore uses class definition throughout including modelling customer data, defining structure and attributes.

  •  Real-time personalisation

Connecting known users and unknown users using customer segmentation based on on-site behavioural targeting.

  • Automation

Triggers, conditions and actions can be applied using the customer management framework plugin. Rules can automate actions linked to customers.

Digital Experience Platform (DXP/CMS)
  • Web Content Management

Pimcore’s award-winning authoring interface has rich WYSIWYG components made for efficient multi language multi-site operations.

  •  Multi-channel Delivery

A multi-channel content management system automating publishing content without layout across any channel or device.

  • Personalisation & Analytics

Web analytics and BI infrastructure defines groups and individuals with explicit and implicit behavioural targeting.

  • Print Publishing (Web2Print)

The MDM, PIM and DAM modules streamline the print publishing process using either the native Pimcore wkhtmltopdf, PDFreactor or integrate into an Adobe InDesign workflow.

Digital Commerce Platform
  •  B2C & B2B ecommerce Framework

An open-source component-driven development framework for multiple and tenant-specific carts with complex price calculations and multi-ERP integrations.

  • Customer Experience Management

Operate all digital marketing operations with one interface bringing content and multi channel commerce together without unnecessary integrations.

  • PIM for ecommerce

Pimcore is the only PIM/MDM that has inbuilt ecommerce. This tight alignment produces the best digital experience for complex bundles, pricing and personalisation.

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