Ergonode is a world-recognized open-source cloud PIM software that streamlines and improves product information management in an eCommerce setting. Ergonode has incorporated the best practices for lean management methodology to help optimize product data and workflows. Ergonode is a powerful PIM platform with features such as AI-generated product descriptions, support for MACH architecture, an API-first platform, and more.

Written By: Chisom Uma
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Last updated: July 25, 2023

What is Ergonode?

Ergonode is a world-recognized open-source cloud PIM software that streamlines and improves product information management in an eCommerce setting. Ergonode has incorporated the best practices for lean management methodology to help optimize product data and workflows.

Ergonode is a powerful PIM platform with features such as AI-generated product descriptions, support for MACH architecture, an API-first platform, and more. 

Ergonode is an all-inclusive answer to managing product catalogs and overseeing all aspects of product content management procedures. It provides teams with the necessary resources to enhance, manage, and distribute correct and high-quality product information.

What is Ergonode used for?

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Ergonode was conceived with the intention of creating a PIM system that prioritizes a "human-centric design" approach. As a result, Ergonode is characterized by its simplicity, user-friendliness, and effectiveness, ultimately catering to the needs and preferences of users.

Ergonode is an all-in-one tool designed to take its user’s PIM to the next level. The platform has a drag-and-drop designer tool, 12 various attribute types, inline editing with data visualization, two modes for product bulk actions, and more.

To Ergonode, user work “Ergonomics” is important to ensure optimal comfort and efficiency. It also has several process control tools. For instance, the in-built Kanban board view lets you check your full catalog work-in-progress. This lets you see the products or the number of products and their enrichment stage. Ultimately, you achieve a faster time-to-market.

Ergnode's “progress tracking” feature lets you see missing product data and improve overall product data quality.  

The “workflow” tool helps you incorporate certain rules like product publishing by product managers only, provided the product reaches 100% completeness.

Who uses Ergonode PIM?

Ergonode is one of the top-recommended PIM solutions out there. Despite being a relatively new platform compared to its competitors, the platform has managed to help several leading global brands improve their product information management.

Let’s look at some of these companies.

  • Husse: Husse is a top brand in Sweden that deals with food production for dogs, cats, and horses. With over 30 years of experience. Ergonode helped them achieve seamless product management and maintenance. Read the case study.

  • Sportano: Sportano is a multi-brand online retailer that sells various sports products. Its main markets are Poland, Czech, Hungary, Bulgaria, and Romania. Ergonoden helped the market achieve a faster time-to-market and additional market launches in Europe. Ergonode also helped Sportano increase its number of products from 1000=100,000 in six months. Read the case study.

  • MIRON Violetglass: MIRON creates and distributes various types of glass packaging. Ergonode PIM helped the company simplify the management of product relationships, such as variants and relations, and enabled instantaneous language translations. Read the case study.

Why is Ergonode a Good Choice for Brands?

Several global brands have trusted Ergonode with their product data for effective management. Let’s look at why.

Powerful Product Syndication

Ergonode syndication allows for the seamless and automated transfer of improved product information to e-commerce platforms, ensuring that the information remains complete and of high quality. Acting as a "middleware system," Ergonode efficiently structures and organizes product data before importing it into major platforms, such as Magento. 

When you make changes to product data, Ergonode selectively transfers only the modified information to the system. Also, Ergonode automates the mapping of data from various sources and ultimately transfers it to platforms and marketplaces in their required formats.

Effective Product Content Management

Ergonode serves as a centralized platform that efficiently manages and organizes data for easy accessibility and correct product fulfilment to customers. Through automated data processing, all team members can quickly improve product content. Your team can also create captivating product sheet designs on Ergonode to maintain product data consistency. 

Brands can also reduce the chances of errors with Ergonode’s user-friendly, intuitive, and transparent product card interface.

Properly Guided PIM Implementation

Ergonode ensures that brands get proper walk-throughs or guidance during implementation. But how do they achieve this?

Ergonodes' implementation process usually depends on the scale of the project and the client's approach. Typically, a client (brand) partner, such as a specific agency responsible for the client’s web development, is involved in the implementation process. In these situations, Ergonode primarily provides support rather than taking on a leadership role. 

In some cases, clients might decide to handle the implementation themselves. This time, Ergonode assumes an advisory position. The implementation process often happens in the following steps:

  • Workshop Session: The implementation usually begins with a workshop session. This session involves Ergonode, the client's partner, and the client's team. Items discussed during this session include Ergonode’s database structure, client attributes, assortment, product groups, and more.

The goal for Ergonode's team is to synthesize all this information and generate a concept of how the customer's product groups will be represented within the system.

Draft Outlining: The Ergonodes team brings up ideas based on expertise after the workshop session. They then proceed to create an initial draft (subject to changes) outlining Ergonode’s configuration. This includes determining attribute groups, specifying the individuals involved in content management, and establishing the division of product sections.

Thumb up
Support for both Rest and GraphQL API
Thumb up
MACH architecture that supports multiple integrations
Thumb up
Seamless creation of custom product templates
Thumb up
Completeness verification is available for product information
Thumb up
Great customer service, always ready to respond and help fast.
Thumb up
Easy bulk editing
Thumb up
Quick and easy inline editing with spreadsheet mode
Thumb up
DAM capabilities for easy asset management
Thumb up
Support for localization
Thumb up
Efficient workflow management for PIM teams
Thumb down
Unclear error messages
Thumb down
Steep learning curve and may require technical expertise for implementation
Thumb down
Custom integrations come with extra costs
Thumb down
New platform. Requires constant updates and new releases
Thumb down
No search feature on the official site to help users search for useful resources

List of Features

Ergonode, although new to the market, has impressed customers with its out-of-the-box PIM features. Let’s look at some of these features.

Workflow Management



Ergonode has impressive workflow management capabilities. Let’s look into how Ergonode handles workflow management.

  • Multi Workflow: Sometimes, you can get lost during implementation and may not know what has been changed and the current status of data implementation. This could be due to several people working on a similar implementation process with you but having different perspectives. To help you solve this issue, Ergonode introduces the multi-workflow feature, which allows you to create as many workflows as possible. You have the option to assign a workflow to multiple language versions (German, French, etc.), ensuring consistency in product information across.  Any changes made will automatically be applied to the other languages, reducing errors and improving efficiency in the overall process.

  • Order Status Management: Ergonode offers customization for order statuses in Select and multiselect attributes. You can also manage statues using Ergonode’s super intuitive drag-and-drop tool.

Kanban View feature: Ergonode has a modern, out-the-box Kanban view feature. This unique feature helps the solution stand out among competitors.



The Kanban view is useful for Ergonode’s workflow process. With this feature, admins and managers can easily spot errors in the workflow and check product completeness scores. To do this, move your cursor to the colors above each product card to determine what is missing.

  • CSV export through segments: Ergonode allows you to transfer your data to CSV format directly from the “segments” session. You can manage your entire product catalog by allocating them to selected segments. 

Also, you can export only chosen data to CSV files by organizing them within specific segments. 


As an open-source platform, Ergonode streamlines the process of customization and extensions. Ergonode also seamlessly integrates with popular eCommerce platforms (WooCommerce and Shopify). The solution offers a wide range of apps, plugins, and connectors. And has already established a connection with Shopware 6, the fastest-growing open-source e-commerce platform worldwide. Ergonodes apps and connectors include:

  • Ergonode Baselinker App

  • Ergonode B2BONe App

  • Ergonode iDoSell App

  • Magento 2 Plugin

  • PrestaShop Plugin

  • WooCommerce Plugin

In addition, Ergonode's syndication dashboard provides detailed information about the specific data being sent to each marketplace and the completeness score of that data.

The dashboard indicates when the data is fully complete. This guarantees that the product information is in the required format for each marketplace, as well as accurate and comprehensive.

AI Autogenerated Content

Ergonodes AI content generator helps brands and marketing teams create product content without doing it manually. This ensures faster and time-to-market and lesser workloads. 

Select all the attributes you want on the product page and click “generate content.”

image (1)


After a few seconds, you get an autogenerated description, which you can leave as is or edit to your preference.

image (2)


Here, you get a description that aligns with the chosen attributes.

Automatic Content Translation

The automatic content translation feature in Ergonode is a clever technology that allows you to generate translations for your product description quickly and smoothly effortlessly. 

Head over to the product page, then hover your cursor over a text or “description,” then click on the three dots.

image (3)


Next, click on “Translate from”, then choose the language you wish to translate from.

Media Management

Ergonode has good media management features and capabilities. You can upload media images or files with no limitations, as well as link your assets to specified attribute types, such as images, galleries, files, and more. You can easily verify all connections between products and attributes to one asset.

There is also the option of examining basic details regarding each asset, such as create date, modify date, size, profile, and more. You can generate alternative text for each asset in any chosen language.

Multilingual Support

Ergonode allows the use of an infinite variety of languages. So, wherever your clients are from, they can still access complete and accurate product information without language barriers. This feature lets you establish a hierarchical structure of languages to determine the scope of attributes on a global and local scale.

Ergonode helps you handle languages using a spreadsheet by creating customized columns with preferred attributes and translations. You can implement user language restrictions to manage products intended for different markets effectively.

Product Management

Ergonode has many product management capabilities to streamline the PIM processes. You can create an extensive range of columns and set filtering options by incorporating all of your personalized product specifications (such as description, name, etc.) and system attributes (including product status, categories, category trees, etc.) without any limitations.

Products can be edited directly on the listing page with spreadsheet mode. You can also perform bulk product updates by conveniently dragging cells in spreadsheet mode. 

In Ergonode, you can instantly generate a new product by choosing a predefined template that includes a specific set of attributes and access to a comprehensive record of all past modifications on the product page.


Screenshot 2023-05-30 125443

Ergonode does not have a customer support page like most competitors. Rather, it has a partners page where you can connect with all Ergonode implementation partners who can help you with Ergonode implementation.

Ergonode also has impressive learning resources, including blogs, e-books, developer documentation, and user guide.


Screenshot 2023-05-30 133251

Ergonodes pricing is straightforward. Unlike its competitors, you don’t need to contact support for a price quote. Starting at 299 €, you get support for hosting support and hosting challenges. The Start+ and Pro packages at 699 € and 1999 €, respectively, offers Ergonode installation on a cloud-based environment, along with other premium features and functionalities.

Pricing in Ergonode is relatively affordable compared to other PIM platforms like Stibo.


Most helpful part of Ergonode is intuitive UI and very helpful user guide and customer support. They do outstanding and very supportive team onboarding and they really care about your success.
Patryk Domański,
IT Project Manager, Snowdog.
Modern technologies, simple and intuitive interface, well-designed and configurable product workflows. API-first approach allows to use it as an important component of MACH architecture.
Kuba Zwolinski,
Chief Executive Officer, Snowdog.


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