Powerful Product Information Management For Any BigCommerce Store

Strengthen your omnichannel strategy by gathering and managing high-quality data across multiple touchpoints with Pimcore.

All digital data delivered to various touchpoints in the blink of an eye

Pimcore provides a strong set of tools to manage any digital data and deliver this data across any channel and device. Now, you can add it to your BigCommerce platform in an instant and serve your customers with consistent user experience in an agile and flexible way.

Easy-to-use connector enables:

Manage your data with flexibility and provide it in an instant

Pimcore is your flexible product information and master data management ecosystem, providing all the necessary applications and services to consolidate, enrich, translate and manage product data categories and digital assets.

With Pimcore you gain:
  • Enterprise-ready Open Source PIM without license cost
  • All data consolidated in a central place
  • Tools to organize, enrich, translate and manage product data
  • Improved and consistent user experiences
  • Significantly reduced time-to-market

How does the connector work?

The connector enables Pimcore to synchronizes your BigCommerce data. From now on, you can create new product information, update existing product information and manage it seamlessly from Pimcore’s admin panel.

The plugin runs a scheduler at regular intervals to check for changes on both platforms

1. Plugin checks for changes


The plugin will collected all new data updates in BigCommerce (stock level)

3. Data changes in BigCommerce


Any new data in BigCommerce is added/updated in Pimcore

5. Pimcore gets updated


2. Data changes in Pimcore

The plugin will collected all new data updates in Pimcore


4. Pimcore gets updated

Any new data in BigCommerce is added/updated in Pimcore


6. Process complete

Once the process is complete, it will log the status of the sync in Pimcore

Supported versions

The connector is compatible with BigCommerce api version 3 and Pimcore 6 and above

The connector is available as a plugin for Pimcore.

Join over 80,000 companies in Pimcore’s ecosystem

Pimcore is a leading provider of innovative open source PIM, DAM and CMS solutions. It is used by over 80,000 companies in 54 countries.
In 2018, Pimcore has been named Gartner’s prestigious: “Cool Vendors in Digital Commerce”.

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