We are a data-driven design and build agency
Hamari designs and builds software with complex data across digital and print channels. We help clients clarify their digital journey and streamline processes into digital experiences. By simplifying data and integrating systems we deliver transformative change for our clients.

Our Story

Founded by two directors in 2017 they had previously worked across a number of enterprise and government organisations supporting all stages of the software delivery lifecycle while helping with their data complexities and creating impactful digital experiences. We have evolved into a mix of designers, engineers and data architects with experience across B2B, manufacturing, distribution and retail.

As one of the UK's most established Pimcore agencies we have a proven track record of helping businesses simplify their data to meet the challenges of multi channel commerce. If you would like to streamline your data processes we'd love to hear from you.

Our Values


Here at Hamari we nurture an entrepreneurial culture. While we are a tech first company and foremost we don't stop at coding. Understanding your business model and operations ensures an agile approach while working towards your goals.

Continuous Learning

As technology evolves we understand the importance of keeping pace with it. Our passion for new technology and learn-by-doing approach allows us to gain conceptual insight as well as practical experience.


We believe in doing what is right for our client and we take responsibility for the work we do. By taking the initiative to bring about positive change we make ourselves accountable for the results of our actions.


We love what we do. Passion drives our productivity and keeps us motivated to deliver great results for our clients. We believe in constantly challenging ourselves to be better and excel in everything we do.

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