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Designing an exceptional customer experience for multi-brand jeweller


Topics Covered

UX Design
Trusted Shops Reviews
Information architecture
Art Direction
Doofinder search
ERP integration
Sirv Implementation

The challenge

A multi-brand jewellery retailer with the addition of their own brand looking to re-platform away from their legacy e-commerce system which was no longer performing. The business had decided to re-platform to a SAAS based e-commerce platform. 



Castejon Joyeros, established in 1960 by Nicolás Castejón Pardo, is a multi-brand jeweller. He taught the family that by selecting premium materials and exceptional designs they could create dreams. Their commitment is to be a part of life’s special moments, offering personalised attention and care in every detail, driven by a tradition that emphasises closeness and shared joy.


We started by conducting extensive research to understand the needs of discerning customers and designed a visually appealing website that emphasized Castejon’s unique story and passion for quality and craftsmanship. Our user-friendly design showcased each piece of jewelry with high-quality images and optimized the website for mobile devices, delivering a seamless user experience. 

Casejon UI


We realized that there were two major categories of products and from the perspective of a customer journey it would make sense to split both of these via separate landing pages. We also did a lot of UX thinking about the mega menu. For watches we understood that the website was tailored to both men and women so the customer journey should make it easy to find the right page for the right customer. This would make up the high level nav. 

For Jewellery we understood that there were major categories and brands that needed to be taken into consideration. After interviewing a number of customers and internal stakeholders we decided to split the top level nav with high level categories and brands that Castejon was looking to promote such as Pandora and its own brand Castejon. 

There was also a third landing page that was developed for Castejon - as it was important to capture the essence of their own brand. From a customer journey perspective we also wanted to provide a distinct design showcasing the brand.


In terms of art direction we suggested going with a dual approach. Firstly we worked on a minimalist product focus which highlighted the jewellery in different angles using a clean background with close up shots. This art direction would appeal to individuals who appreciate the beauty of jewellery itself and prefer a more understated and timeless approach. To complement this approach we went with minimalist lifestyle portraits. We ensured that the model’s styling and the overall look aligned with Casejon’s brand image and target audience. We also focused on capturing close-up shots of the model’s hands, neck and ears emphasizing the jewellery of the central element. We kept the background simple and uncluttered to maintain a clean and simple composition. Lastly we decided to use consistent lighting and colour tones throughout the photoshoot. This coupled with soft and diffused lighting helped to bring out the detail and shine of the jewellery.


Product Information Management

Currently, the product data originates within their ERP and once the data is transformed via the integration platform it is then imported into Bigcommerce. As a follow on project we are looking to change the source of truth for product data by implementing a PIM system with the Pimcore platform. This would allow us to pull in data from multiple brands and suppliers and the PIM system will be used instead of Excel for data cleansing and normalization. It would also allow us to push product data to multiple channels and marketplaces.

Castejon menu


For this particular project the client had decided to use the Bigcommerce Stencil framework. As this was a new adventure into the world of SAAS for the company, the decision was to take a low risk approach which would still provide them with the flexibility of an open SAAS platform without having to manage the complexities of a fully bespoke front end via a headless commerce experience. 


Sirv Implementation

For this project it was imperative that the website was fast and loaded quickly on mobile. Sirv offers advanced optimization, dynamic imaging and interactive visualization features such as zoom and 360 spin. Its global content delivery network would ensure quick image delivery worldwide. Going forward the powerful analytics and insights feature will provide valuable data for optimizing product images. Overall Sirv helped in providing a powerful image management feature improving site performance and the overall user experience.


As this was a replatforming project we needed to ensure that we didn’t lose any of the organic SEO value which the business had built up over the years. However, there were a couple of challenges that needed addressing. Firstly, the business had decided to relaunch the ecommerce site with a streamlined catalog. For products which were included on the new site we set up 301 redirects - this is ideal for pages that need to be moved permanently and is the recommended SEO strategy to preserve link equity. For products which weren’t going to be launched initially, we set up 302 redirects to the same category page. Over time as these product pages are populated these will be replaced with 301 redirects. We ensured that an SSL certificate was configured and installed correctly. We also made sure that the website is mobile responsive and tested the site across different screen sizes as 80% of customers are likely to buy via mobile and is a key ranking factor for Google. 



We installed the trust badge on the website as this had the potential of ensuring that 65% of buyers feel more secure when looking to make a purchase. This would help to increase conversions for new customers visiting the website. Secondly, we installed customer reviews on the product details page - this gave Castejon the ability to show their customer first approach and also helped with SEO as there is now user generated content on the website. Trusted Shops also offers 30-day buyer protection guaranteeing online purchases up to €2500 in case of non-delivery. This reduces risk for potential buyers looking to make high value purchases.

in their own words

"Hamari took on the task of designing and building a customized frontend for our Bigcommerce store. Fareed, with his unique mix of technical and business knowledge, guided us to a result we couldn’t be happier with. And Ayoob and the Hamari team… they’re a crack! No technical challenge can escape him! I only have words of praise for Fareed, Ayoob and the rest of the team."

ERP Integration 

Client wanted to integrate a number of processes with their Odoo ERP.  For the initial launch the source of truth for product data would carry on living within the ERP. However, coupled with product data, inventory data would also be pulled in from the ERP. Post purchase once an order was created the order would be pushed back to Odoo.



The re-designed website is built on top of Bigcommerce’s scalable SAAS solution. We created separate landing pages for both jewellery and watches to ensure a clear customer journey.

This combined with high-quality imagery and building a fast, optimised website has resulted in higher conversion rates. Ultimately, the new website encapsulates Castejon’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship.