Commerce Experiences For Growth Minded Firms
Hamari designs and builds commerce experiences for growth-minded businesses. We help ambitious retailers re-platform away from legacy solutions to a better alternative. We help manufacturers and distributors with their complex commerce requirements. We reduce time to market and improve the customer experience. Delivering a reduction in operational overhead and improving the customer experience.



Aero Commerce

A performance based e-commerce platform designed for retailers that are serious about growth. Aero takes an agile approach balancing between speed and necessary capabilities. The aero platform is feature-rich, lightening-fast, scalable and extendable.


Built for growth


Pimcore is an enterprise ready open-source commerce solution. It combines product information management with a modular approach to commerce. We recommend Pimcore for creating complex and customized B2C, B2B multi-channel commerce experiences.



We help solve the challenges associated with a complex commerce implementation. The component-based architecture reduces time to market for manufacturers, distributors and retailers. Pimcore allows you to customize your processes and workflows delivering a significant ROI.

Complex pricing and product attributes

Complex inventory calculations

Business agility with changing requirements

Multiple digital and Print channels

Aero Commerce

Apart from taking an agile approach to commerce, Aero excels in many other ways. The platform reduces infrastructure costs compared to legacy platforms such as Magento 2. The admin interface simplifies e-commerce teams workflow. Allowing them manage their sales, products, discounts, and shipping with ease.

Decrease your infrastructure costs

An easy to use and intuitive admin interface

Bespoke and built for your business and processes

Unlimited flexibility for system integration

E-commerce Projects

Moving away from legacy systems doesn't mean reinventing the wheel. We understand that tried and tested commerce channels like printed catalogues and call centres should work harmoniously alongside ecommerce. Opportunity resides in revising digital commerce platforms that were the best choice 5+ years ago. As one of the UK’s leading system integrators, we believe in simplifying an organization's tech stack in order to take on the complexities of agile cost-effective growth and innovation.


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