How do you help homebuyers instantly find the property information they need?


How do you help homebuyers instantly find the property information they need?

Their objective

Their Propscore is designed to help homebuyers get more information about properties before making a purchase, including:

  • House valuation

  • Crime statistics

  • Ground stability

  • Environmental risks

  • Flood data

  • Lendability checks

  • Land registry information

  • Air quality

  • Utilities and drainage

Our approach

Propscore’s talented co-founder came to us with a visual design of what the app should look like. We took those wireframes and converted them into a clickable prototype using InvisionApp.

With Propscore’s business cloud infrastructure already containing the necessary data, we created a front-end that consumed the data via APIs and visualised the information for end-users. 

We developed the user interface using the ReactJS javascript library, as its reusable, component-based nature would help the application scale as new features are added. It also helps to keep a consistent look and feel across the whole project, whilst utilising a virtual DOM which can be rendered on the client side or server side.

We used Craft CMS for the new Propscore homepage and other content pages, as it allows for high content velocity as the company scales.

The result

The Propscore website has been hugely successful and has attracted hundreds of users, resulting in its acquisition by the CLS Group, a multinational property insight and insurance company.

What they said

“We wanted to launch the digital product within a month of delivering the brief to Hamari - and they delivered. We were extremely pleased with Hamari’s work on Propscore, they made sure they learned our system inside-out before developing the solution and it delivered all the functionality that we required.” 

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