Pimcore Installation

  1. Copy the plugin to your physical drive:

    a) Download the HamariBigCommerceIntegrationBundle plugin source code in zip (or .tar or .tar.gz) format.

    b) Unzip (or unpack) the code into the root directory of Pimcore.

  2. Update Pimcore’s composer.json file to use the HamariBigCommerceIntegrationBundle and rebuild the newly added classes:

    a) Add the following to your composer.json file:

    "autoload": {
        "psr-4": {
        "App\\": "src/",
        "Pimcore\\Model\\DataObject\\": "var/classes/DataObject",
        "Hamari\\BigCommerceIntegrationBundle\\": "bundles/Hamari/BigCommerceIntegrationBundle"

    b) Go to the root folder of your Pimcore project and run composer update to add HamariBigCommerceIntegrationBundle to Pimcore.

    c) Run the following commands to clear the cache and re-build the bundle classes. Remember to suffix the env variable --env=<env_name> to the command.

    ./bin/console pimcore:deployment:classes-rebuild

    ./bin/console cache:clear

    ./bin/console pimcore:cache:clear

  3. Install the plugin in pimcore:

    a) Go to Pimcore's admin panel and select Tools -> Bundles & Bricks.

    b) Enable and install the HamariBigCommerceIntegrationBundle as shown in following image:

    Installation image

  4. Setup the configuration:

    a) Once all the previous steps have been completed successfully, you should be able to add HamariBigCommerceIntegrationBundle’s configuration class as shown in the following image:

    Installation image

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