Multi-Channel Publishing with a Digital Experience Platform

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Unlike most headless CMS a Digital Experience Platform like Pimcore can automate personalisation in one place across all commerce and marketing channels simplifing the job of legacy martech stacks while enhancing core business systems.

Web analytics can be combined with business intelligence to tailor high quality data driven content. A DXP integrates a single place with existing third party systems such as BI and ERP so that user profiling is updated in real time.

A DXP is described by Gartner as “an integrated and cohesive piece of technology designed to enable the composition, management, delivery and optimization of contextualized digital experiences” 

The analytical capabilities of a Digital Experience Platform sets it apart from previous content management systems. To publish effectively to any channels including outlets such as voice and AR it is best practice to pull data from a single place while optimising the experience in accordance with the customer’s journey.

Contextualised content can establish a narrative for meaningful brand experiences. Like with any good relationship this needs to be a two way street. Content promoting something a customer has just bought doesn’t ever have to happen again.

The architectural advantages of a DXP can enable integrations across an entire origination so bottle necks and silos don’t slow down sales conversions whether that be through a customer call or sales employee interaction in the field.       

Multi-channel commerce didn’t arrive in one day. As new channels scale the only way to make them work to their full potential is to experiment. The risk, reward aspect of innovating with the latest channels can be mitigated with the efficiency of the right data management tools.

Simple product pages are now part of a richer customer experience connecting brand story with product information. Omnichannel touchpoints are opportunities for memorable engagements that stay with users long after a purchase.    

Targeting with custom content is automated with user interactions and by the actions of similar audiences. This powerful combination of data sources is an example of how a well-orchestrated multi-channel publishing system is needed to deliver the best digital experiences your customers have seen.   

Personalisation is only part of the digital experience story. Digital design has come a long way since responsive design for mobile became a standard. The journey will start on one device and lead to another which doesn’t only mean a chance to look at the same content twice.

Booking a Disney trip is focused on a desktop design then once at their location mobile content is designed to help users navigate their way around while updating wait times for rides. Customer experience can be contextualised by location and device as well as behaviour and previous interactions.

Combining commerce with a digital experience platform is where a ROI can become clearly measurable. As one of the UKs leading Pimcore integrators Hamari chose to work with their single DXP interface that includes ecommerce, MDM, DAM and PIM.  Pimcore has the flexibility of open source so no licence fee or vendor lock in.

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